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Because it all comes down to execution,
get the skills you need to write copy that converts
A hugely damaging myth is that you need to be a copywriter to write great copy. Unlike design and development, copywriting is a must-have skillset for your whole team. You can’t grow without it. Join Copy School Now
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Copy School
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with training on writing emails, pages and launch copy
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10x Emails
The complete course to gain mastery
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Special Bonus: “Behind the Scenes” live email training
Special Bonus: “Behind the Scenes” live email training
When you pay in full for Copy School or 10x Emails, you’ll get exclusive access to a live training session. See exactly how we planned and wrote the emails to promote Copy School.
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You, too, can write copy that converts.

Your first challenge was creating a product or service that could be infinitely profitable. The second is figuring out how to make people who should be your customers understand that they need what you’ve got.

If you’ve written copy more than once, you know the feeling.

You sit down to write the email that’s supposed to sell people on your solution. But there’s a voice in your head reminding you how hard it was the last time you tried to write copy. And even when your copy manages to convince people, the next time you have to write copy that should convert you feel like:

You’re trying to win the lottery on command

The fact is that great copy isn’t based on luck or chance. It’s based on repeatable rules and proven processes and reliable frameworks.

That doesn’t sound very sexy. And I’m more than okay with that.

Because y’know what is sexy? Testing your data-driven copy and finding that it beats the creative stuff by a landslide. That’s sexy. The best parts of business are always – without fail – the data-driven parts. Everything else is just guesswork. And you can’t sell your boss or your clients on paying you for your guesses.

When you know how to write data-driven “conversion copy,” every part of marketing, persuasion and growth gets easier

Conversion copy is simply the science of using your words to get the YES. After studying and practicing all forms of copywriting for nearly 15 years, I’ve stripped away the mystique of copywriting to create Copy School.

Join us in Copy School to skip past the guesswork. You’ll get the frameworks, formulas, processes and repeatable techniques to plan, write and optimize copy that gets results worth bragging about. Whether you write your own copy or hire people to, you’ll perform better with a clear understanding of what makes a message succeed or fail – which you’ll find inside Copy School.
Here’s what you’ll get
inside Copy School

Whatever systems you have, whatever product or service you’re selling and whatever market you’re serving, get everything you can out of exactly what you’ve got. When you gain functional mastery over email and web copywriting in Copy School, you’ll be able to do just that. Because success comes down to how you execute.

You’ve tried guessing your way through email and web copywriting. But to get the repeatable results you want, you need repeatable processes. Each course and module in Copy School will give you a step-by-step action plan.

Your spot in Copy School guarantees you access to eight Office Hours sessions. Get four sessions dedicated to email copywriting (led by Ry). And get four sessions dedicated to landing pages and sales pages (led by Jo).

Because Copy School includes every copywriting course we offer at Copy Hackers, you’ll get 10x Emails, which comes with a review of an email you’ve written. Send us your copy, and we’ll send you back notes to optimize it.

This training is all about execution – so we skip past a lot of the theory and dive into actionable lessons. Most videos are no more than 5 minutes long. They’re supported by cheatsheets, worksheets and templates, too.

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Start Copy School by gaining a fundamental selling edge in fewer than 4 hours, in 10x Landing Pages

Get instant access to 4 modules featuring 30+ HD training videos, each averaging 5 minutes in length (with transcripts). You’ll also get 10+ over-the-shoulder tutorials, a dozen worksheets and cheatsheets, recordings of our landing page clinics and access to a private Facebook group.

Plus, leave no question unanswered about long or short copy with our 2 live Office Hours sessions.

After 10x Landing Pages, you’ll write 10x better with:
The simple structure for instantly clearer copy
A weird science technique that gently forces a decision
An aha moment – why “message match” isn’t enough
The golden ratio to reduce bounce (Module 3)
The decades-old technique for closing visitors
Rules to identify the copy you can afford not to optimize
The often overlooked way to battle resistance (Module 1)
The immeasurably lucrative question to ask in a survey
How to start with a “spit draft”
The ultimate list of mind-reader shortcuts (Module 4)
3 steps to follow for high-converting copy
The arguments for and against leading with pain
Techniques to turn UX tools into messaging machines
2 questions your copy has to answer at each turn
The no-brainer method to write bullets like these
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We’ll do a meaningful reset on the pre-writing process. Just as a chef dedicates time to prep and uses recipes to create a masterpiece, you’ll establish a process, identify the barriers your copy is working against and zero in on an audience.
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The core of conversion copywriting lies in finding your message, not dreaming one up. We’ll go through the right questions to ask to tease the most useful answers out of voice-of-customer data – and where to go to ask those questions.
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By this module, you’ll clearly see what’s been getting in the way of you communicating an outstanding offer to your prospects – and you’ll be ready to begin writing your page. What goes where? How can you hook visitors? Find out.
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Let’s edit in the awesome! This is where most people start their copywriting journey – but you’ll actually be ready for the “bag of tricks” inside Module Four by this point in the training. Easily optimize every line of copy you put on the page.
Lauren Van Mullem, Copywriter at Truer Words
I return to the course again and again, re-watching videos and re-reading lessons, just to brush up and sharpen my copy of the day. It’s that useful. You bring it with you into every word you write, and it makes those words better.
Lauren Van Mullem, Copywriter at Truer Words

Stephan Hovnanian, Content solutions architect at Sprout Social
With every lesson, Joanna and her team passed along their experience and tactical details that can only come from a kind of master-level, Tibetan monk-slash-Mr. Miyagi. I want whoever is reading this to have that same experience, and come away with the same sense of empowerment that you can use words to accomplish more than you’ll ever imagine.
Stephan Hovnanian, Content solutions architect at Sprout Social
Nick Quick, Copywriter at Email Marketing Done
I’m no stranger to copy but every module I devoured made me want to slap my own face, scream “Eureka!” (and perhaps run down the street naked proclaiming my newfound insight!). It’s seriously THAT jam-packed with cash-pulling genius. There are so many ways to position an offer that it’s sometimes difficult to decide what approach to take. Now I’m armed with the exact tools I need to craft a captivating sales message every time.
Nick Quick, Copywriter at Email Marketing Done
Michael Aagaard, Senior conversion optimizer at Unbounce
Joanna is the best copywriter I’ve ever met, hands down. One of the things that makes her so freakin’ good is her unique ability to combine finely-tuned intuition from years of experience with solid research.
Michael Aagaard, Senior conversion optimizer at Unbounce
Hiten Shah, Cofounder of Crazy Egg and QuickSprout
The Copy Hackers team is remarkably good at creating persuasive copy by understanding both site visitors and a business’s customers.
Hiten Shah, Cofounder of Crazy Egg and QuickSprout
Next up in Copy School is 10x Emails – discover how to apply conversion copywriting techniques to email

You’ll get instant access to 4 modules featuring 20+ HD training videos, each averaging 5 minutes in length (with transcripts). You’ll also get a dozen over-the-shoulder tutorials, worksheets and cheatsheets and access to a private Facebook group.

PLUS! More than 12 hours of workshop recordings and materials for sales and SaaS emails – and loads of email templates.

You’ll also get answers to all your email copywriting questions in our 4 live Office Hours sessions. And finally: we’ll review one of your emails and send you our notes.

Ideal for sales emails and SaaS.

After 10x Emails, you’ll write 10x better with:
A classic rule to keep the skeeze out of your sales emails
The 3-part anticipation-building sequence (Module 2)
The essential method to target like a pro
How to plot a drip campaign
Why comic book writers make great copywriters
How to plot a SaaS onboarder (Module 1)
The 5 Cs of welcome emails, complete with a template
“Bag o’ emails”
The reason your stories are boring – and how to fix them
What fashionists know about energetic copy
The thing you’re actually selling when it’s time to close
When to use urgency
The template to get people to your webinar (Bonus)
The exact tools to boost conversions inside your emails
The right lead magnet – and how to make it sound better
When to use scarcity
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If you’ve questioned whether you should use email to sell, this first module will tell you exactly why you should – but, importantly, how to do it the right way. Discover how to plan and plot your emails to nurture and coach each yes.
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Time to write – but where to start? Module Two features 10 super-tactical lessons on writing subject lines, writing body copy, getting specific, telling stories and using your voice (or someone else’s). Plus, over-the-shoulder tutorials.
image description
In this module, email copywriting gets exciting. You’ve conquered the foundational stuff – and now you can apply 10x copywriting techniques, like the CPTS Technique and the Superman Principle.
image description
Email optimization: Why do your open rates suck? How come those sales emails aren’t selling? What should you be testing? And what are the biggest mistakes even the CRO pros make?
Copy School includes
copywriting worksheets,
cheatsheets and templates
Copy School includes copywriting worksheets, cheatsheets and templates
Tara Gentile is a business owner, not a copywriter. But here’s what happened when she took this training…

Tara Gentile is a business owner, not a copywriter. But here’s what happened when she took this training…
An instructor and podcaster with Creative Live, Tara Gentile has built an incredible brand and a dedicated, fast-growing tribe. But she had a problem: she had a top-tier course that was perfectly suited for her audience – except her audience wasn’t signing up for it.

After struggling to sell out the 12 seats in this live training, Tara decided to give it one more shot. She’d launch the program again and, if it didn’t sell out, she’d close it down for good.

To increase her odds, she bought 10x Emails and 10x Landing Pages.

After taking exactly the training you’ll find inside Copy School, Tara rewrote her launch materials: her emails and her landing pages. She focused on finding the messages that were most likely to convert, using everything she’d learned in our message-finding modules.

She relaunched the program and opened 12 seats to applicants.

Within 15 minutes of opening applications, she had more than double the number of applications she’d had during the last launch. The end result? She sold out all 12 seats… opened another 12 seats… and sold those out, too, tripling revenue.
Tarzan Kay is a copywriter with a solid foundation and talent. Here’s how this training helped her 3x her rates…

Tarzan Kay is a copywriter with a solid foundation and talent. Here’s how this training helped her 3x her rates…
“I’m such a believer in this program. When I first got 10x Emails, I was nervously quoting $75 or $100 per email without really knowing what I was doing. After 10x Emails, I’m so clear on my strategy. I know exactly what to charge and how to get amazing results for my clients. This has given me the confidence to bump my rate to $275 per email and offer full sequences and packages instead of less profitable one-offs.”

Tarzan spiked her knowledge and eliminated guesswork.

“The email templates are so gold. Anytime I’m about to write a new sequence for a client, the first thing I do is pull out Ry’s templates and get to work. They take so much guesswork out of the equation, and have saved me hours and hours of time.”

I just wrapped up my very first campaign for a super competitive affiliate launch. Using the strategies and templates from both 10x Emails and 10x Landing Pages, I was able to hit over $15K in revenue! These programs are making money for me over and over again.”
Once you’ve gained functional mastery, Copy School upgrades your powers of persuasion inside 10x Launches

You’ll get instant access to 7 modules that will transform you into a launch machine – whether you’re involved in course launches or product launches.

The first 2 modules introduce you to a copywriting methodology based not in selling but in coaching conversions. The remaining 5 modules cover copywriting for every single phase of a launch or funnel.

PLUS! Get 20+ email “themeplates” complete with detailed walk-throughs of how to use them over and over again, without wearing them out. And, of course, get answers to your launch questions in 2 Office Hours sessions dedicated to launches.

After 10x Launches, you’ll coach conversions 10x better with:
The 5 core subsequences your funnel needs
What it really means when you get an opt-in
How to ditch the sleazy hard sell
The sixth stage of awareness
The F.R.E.U.D. method your emails are missing
How to uncover the Moment of Highest Tension
Why you should whip through writing launch emails
A “direct response facelift” (Module 2)
How to coach through 7 Buyer Milestones
An incredible 47 Golden Questions workbook
What’s broken with velvet-rope strategies
Open loops vs consistency loops – which one now?
The Aladdin Themeplate
The Calm Before the Storm Themeplate
Engineering sales during the mid-point launch slump
Why old-school “closer” rules tank conversions today
When to use scarcity
image description
We start by introducing the concept of Coaching the Conversion. Discover what it means to leverage subtle precursors that ethically lead people to say yes to your offer. (It sounds fancy. It’s actually straightforward once you know it.)
image description
You’ve heard that avatars can help you write copy that converts – and what you learn in Module Two will reveal why an avatar that works once doesn’t work the next time. What’s going on, and how can you adapt to keep conversions high?
image description
When someone first signs up, are you missing a key opportunity to shape your entire journey with them? See how to use the critical opt-in phase of your funnel to get even your most jaded prospects pumped to move forward with you.
image description
It’s pre-launch time! See how to generate aha moments, what to write in your pre-launch sequence and how to keep momentum going. Includes 2 go-to email themeplates for pre-launch.
image description
The most intensive of the modules in 10x Launches, this one’s dedicated to the launch itself. Fix big mistakes your own excitement has caused you to make. See how to use bonuses to surge your sales. And get more themeplates!
image description
Master sales copywriting throughout your funnel in Module Six. What’s broken in your sales sequence? Should you use urgency now or later? When do you close loops? And how can you get your prospect to convince herself?
image description
The close! Most sales in a launch happen on the last day of the launch – but the techniques you’ll learn here can squeeze even more sales out of your close. The highlight? Five proven themeplates for the last 48 hours of your launch.
You’ve got 60 days to put
Copy School to the test

Whether you choose Copy School or 10x Emails today, you’ll have 60 days to try it. If you do the work but your copy doesn’t improve and your confidence doesn’t double, just send us the work you’ve done to implement the training. If we’ve failed to help you write conversion copy, you deserve your money back – and we’ll give it to you.
Brought to you by Joanna Wiebe and Ry Schwartz

Joanna’s the founder of Copy Hackers and the creator of conversion copywriting. She’s written copy for the likes of Metalab, Shopify, QuickSprout, Crazy Egg, BT, Tesco, Edgar and Wistia. And she’s been invited to teach conversion copy on 50+ international stages including INBOUND, Mozcon, Call to Action Conference, Jeff Walker’s PLF Event, Copyblogger, Problogger and ConversionXL Live.

More reclusive than Salinger on a rainy day, Ry Schwartz has been deep in the trenches for over a dozen 6- and 7-figure launches and evergreen funnels. He’s written for / consulted with top online entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Jasmine Star, Josh Shipp and Dan Martell.


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