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High Ticket Freedom by Katie Joynes Discount Coupon

High Ticket Freedom by Katie Joynes Discount Coupon

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FREE ADVANCED WORKSHOP WITH KATIE JOYNESBEHIND THE SCENES OF MY 100K/MONTH SALES MODEL FOR MY HIGH TICKET PROGRAM ENROLL NOW BEFORE THIS OFFER EXPIRES! [Lifetime] 4-Phase Training Course Road-Map: the exact steps to create, sell and scale your high ticket group coaching program without sales calls[9 Months] Expert Coaching Calls: get support from the experts! Group expert calls include a Mindset Coach, Messaging Coach, and Funnel Coach[9 Months] Weekly Content Reviews: Katie and the team will review your workbooks, sales pages, marketing copy and more to ensure that you’re on the right track with building a profitable sales system[9 Months] Private Facebook Community: where all the connections + collabs happen! Exclusive access to the Facebook group where you can collaborate with like-minded course coaches and get your biggest questions answered by Katie.[9 Months] Daily Slack Support Channel: Get daily support and questions answered by Katie and her team of experts ENROLL NOW BEFORE THIS OFFER EXPIRES! YOU KNOW YOUR HIGH TICKET PROGRAM HAS THE POTENTIAL TO MAKE MILLIONSBut ‘getting there’ feels so hardYou know how to sign high ticket clients, but the process has felt so ‘teeth pulling’ and inconsistent. You’re sick and tired of the up and down revenue roller coaster. $20K one month and $5K the next. You’re ready for more predictability.You’re sick of spending ALL your time marketing and selling your coaching just to STILL not hit your income goals.You’re currently depending on live launching, giving free tips on social, and discovery calls just to sign high ticket clients and you’re SO ready for an easier wayYou’re ready to unlock you’re new potential. $30K months, $50K months, $100K months with more ease than you thought was possible I TOTALLY GET IT. You’ve got what it takes, you just need to road map + support to make it happen.In January 2021, I turned my course into a high ticket program.I was told by every Tom, Dick and Harry that in order to sign $7500 clients, I would need to post on social media all day, give out tons of free value, and get on discovery calls.As a Mom of 5, this wasn’t the vibe.I thought “my program is SO good, why does it have to be THIS hard to sell it consistently?!”That’s when I realized it was my calling to find a better way.And the Cold to Sold method was born.I went from stressful and time consuming $30K months, to effortless $100K+ months.I currently enroll over 30 high ticket clients every month on autopilot.And now it’s time for me to teach YOU how to do the same thing because I truly believe you’ve got the potential.Our 9 Months Together Will Include:The BonusesTHE 9 MONTH GROUP COACHING PROGRAM TO SELL AND SCALE YOUR HIGH TICKET GROUP COACHING PROGRAM TO $1M/YEAR+ WITHOUT SALES CALLS4-Phase Training Course Road-Map: the exact steps to create, sell and scale your high ticket group coaching program without sales callsWeekly Group Coaching Calls: get your questions answered, be coached through hurdles and connect with your coach every week for rapid growthExpert Coaching Calls: get support from the experts! Group expert calls include a Mindset Coach, Messaging Coach and Funnel CoachPrivate Facebook Group: where all the connections + collabs happen! Exclusive access to the Facebook group where you can collaborate with like-minded course coaches and get your biggest questions answered by Katie.No more worrying whether or not your copy can convert and no need for expensive copyrighter. Exclusive access to the email scripts, sales page copy that’s increased my conversion rate above industry averageGet full access to Katie’s exact million dollar funnel templates. Sales page, training page, Instagram ads etc! Instant access to Katie’s Canva slide decks. Slide decks include Free Mini Course and Exclusive walk-through training The Script VaultFill in the Blank Funnel TemplatesFree Training Slide DeckENROLL NOWWhat You’ll Learn PHASE ONE: PHASE TWO: PHASE THREE:PHASE FOUR: OPTIMIZE YOUR HIGH TICKET PROGRAMAUTOMATE YOURHIGH TICKET PROGRAMSYSTEMATIZE YOUR HIGH TICKET PROGRAMSCALE TO 100K/MONTHWe’re breaking down exactly how to make your high ticket program scalable. Irresistible messaging that positions you as an authority and your offer one they cannot say ‘No’ to.Scalable pricingScalable deliverablesRock Solid boundaries that keep you and your clients happy Get access to Katie’s 4 Part Automated Sales System. Facebook Ads training + templates for 10-20 brand new leads straight to your DM’s on autopilotFree content event that converts high ticket buyers in 5 days or less Our automated follow up system to bring in even more enrollments Learn from Katie and her DM sellers on how to enroll clients in the DM’s every single day Now that you’re getting a huge influx of clients with your new selling system, it’s time to automate + systematize your backendWe’re going to walk you through how to automated your client delivery and tracking to save you time and get your clients even bigger resultsFull access to all of our SOP + in-depth tech training on our client management software.How to hire assistant coaches to help you support your clientsHow to increase your profits with our signature money tracking system How to start building your team, one position at a time Access to all of Katie’s hiring SOP’s How to scale your ads for more enrollments each week How to hire a DM seller to take over your enrollments How to get clients to renew in your program I am a firm believer You can scale your incredible high ticket program while being a busy Mom You can enroll clients without icky sales tactics You can get insanely good results for your clients without spending all of your time behind a computer. The million dollar 3 day work week is SO possible for you. I want to help you get there.ENROLL NOWHow it works As soon as you enroll, you can jump right in and get started on the modules. All content is waiting for you inside. We’ll be ready to roll up our sleeves and help you get your automated system launched and enrolling new clients as soon as possible. (Most clients are launching their system in 5 weeks)You’ll have daily access to Katie and the expert coaches via the private Facebook Community, coaching audits, and content critiques where you can seek feedback, ask questions + be supported as you cross the finish line.ENROLL NOWWHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT HIGH TICKET FREEDOM…Reviews from ClientsKATIE IS BRILLIANT AT WHAT SHE DOES KATIE IS ONE IN A BILLIONKATIE IS REAL, RELATABLE AND KNOWS HER STUFF I took a different course last year that was $6,500 and after I completed it I honestly felt like it wasn’t worth the money I spent on it.This program is the EXACT opposite of that. It could easily be double the cost and it would still be MORE THAN WORTH IT!!!Katie breaks down the entire process for you step by step in a way that makes it feel so easy. Her teaching style is laid back and to the point. No fluff, no hours of content to weed through. She gives you exactly what you need in the order you need it. Somehow she takes a pretty complicated topic and makes it really simple and easy to implement and I am totally here for that!For me, the most valuable part of this course is that she personally audits your work at every single step. It’s like having a 1:1 coach telling you what to fix or giving you feedback on your stuff and her expertise has been so incredibly helpful for me at every step! She really does make sure you get to the finish line, and that is huge!Before taking Katie’s course I did a live launch of my program and it was successful, but it was exhausting. Katie totally gets it! She is a master at helping you figure out how to speak to the soul of your ideal client and turn strangers into buying customers while you are out playing with your kids.This program was, without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made in my business, HANDS DOWN.If you are even THINKING about buying Katie’s course, STOP everything else you are doing and BUY IT NOW! I cannot stress this enough. I wasted so much money and time on other programs that did not nearly give me the ROI that Katie does.She truly cares about her students and gives her everything to their success. She holds nothing back. Her course is not just ‘fluff’, it is actionable steps, how to’s, and hand-holding (when needed). She is real, relatable, and knows her stuffKatie is one in a billion ya’ll. I can’t tell you how much her teaching + expertise has blessed my business. Her teaching style is SO relatable, down to earth, and simple for me to understand. Not only that, but the way she genuinely cares for her students + goes above and beyond to make sure they are successful is truly incredible.

Old Price: $399.90

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